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Event Shade & Decor

Event Shade top
Environment & Decor
Custom Bamboo & Lycra Shade
Entryway Signage

Medium / Large & Support Stages


Aesthetic Facade Truss Covering

  • Custom design in the direction of your events thematic

  • A multi-media 􏰁facade constructed and tailored to the dimensions of your stage

  • Additional heavy equipment such as a scissor lift may be requested 􏰁for installation

Stage Structure & Design

  • Bamboo Structure and shade canopy to match the needs of your stage

  • Facade Fabrics and embellishments

  • Signage Embellishments

Support Stages, Canopies & Embellishments

Additional stages of various sizes are available for intimate venues, children’s stages, and satellite stages for workshop presentations and performances.


We provide customizable Stage & designs with backdrops and side panels for your stages (deck risers not included in rate)

These stage designs can also feature audience shade solutions which helps bring the dance floor to life and help you audiences keep cool in the Sun.

Stage and Decking Referral:

It would be our pleasure to point you in the right direction for your stageline, truss and decking needs from concept to execution.

*􏰒Prices may vary with distance traveled & design complex􏰍ity.


Environment & Decor Solutions

Backstage Shading & Decor

Main Stage Green Room

  • Environment creation & management team

  • Furniture & decor

Main Stage Front of House embellishment: 

  • Environment creation & management team

  • Furniture & decor

Overall Event Decor:

  • Increase any area's decor & vibe (􏰐discussion necessary)􏰑

  • Fencing deco􏰋 dress up any unsightly 􏰁fencing or barricades

  • Sponsored booth embellishment 

Custom Bamboo & Lycra Shade

Custom Bamboo Shade

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Our ever􏰔evolving custom shade structures provide relief􏰁 from the sun with a seemingly infinite amount of design con􏰁figurations. 􏰂We love creating new shapes and si􏰓zes 􏰁or each new event we work with. Let us know about your needs and we􏰉ll shape your shade to fit!

Shape Your Shade

Imagine all possibilities! 

Each of our shade cells create a modular 18' x18" bamboo shade structure that can be combined to create any shape and to your events specification and needs. 

Contact us to dial in your unique shade and structure!

From Model...
To Reality.

Entryway Signage & Location Markers

Does your event have key areas that need identifying?

We provide a wide assortment of customized signage options.

See all our projects. Many are in the works so check back as we update with each event!



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